A Few More Blurry, Swirly Photos

From my cobbled together 27mm f/2 LTM Lumenbox lens


sonny rosenberg

6/6/20231 min read

I can't believe I shot these just last week. It seems like it was worlds away. These are from the same roll of Rollei RPX-25 as the shots taken with the Chroma Double glass were. To be honest I'm not very enamored with any of these at the moment, but I thought it wouldn't hurt to post them anyway. This particular Lumenbox lens seems to do better under conditions where I can somewhat shoot into the light, when I'm able to do that, it can give some beautiful glowing halo effects to objects. There's not much of that here today, but as a friend of mine used to say "It's better than a poke in the eye with a forked stick."

These were taken with my old Leica Ic and developed in Cinestill monobath.