The Daily Lumenbox is a blog run by Sonny Rosenberg

It all began when I purchased a Lumenbox on Etsy. I was so inspired by the crazy photographs that came out of the Lumenbox that I asked Jorge Otero, creator of the Lumenbox if I could name a blog "The Daily Lumenbox" and devote it mostly to Lumenbox and other lo-fi photography. I don't know how well I've stuck to that credo, as you'll also see a lot of conventional photography here too, but Lumenbox and other forms of experimental photography still take precedence with me and warm my heart the most.

I've always hoped that this site could become a useful resource for other photographers (lo-fi and not) and will gradually be working toward that goal, hopefully posting reviews and techniques that hopefully will be of use to someone somewhere.

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Don't mess with Sonny!