A Few Frames of RPX-25

Ten frames of Rollei RPX-25 with my old Leica Ic and the Chroma Double Glass.


sonny rosenberg

6/2/20231 min read

Whew! It feels like forever since I've been able to go for a photo walk. I've been so immersed in preparing myself and the curriculum for the new animation class that I'll be teaching in the Fall that I've barely even managed to notice whether the sun was shining or not. Luckily I had to go buy some last minute odds and ends for a working trip to Salt Lake City tomorrow. I thought it would be a good opportunity to use up the roll of Rollei RPX-25 that was in the Leica. RPX is too precious to me to allow it to fogged by airport security.

RPX-25 has become one of my very favorite films. I love it's contrast, it's wide tonal range and it's mistake friendly wide exposure lattitude. I think these days RPX-25 is second only to Adox CMS 20II in my book.

I actually brought two lenses with me on this walk to the pharmacy, both very compact fixed focus and fixed aperture lenses. While the sun was shining brightly the Leica was wearing the wonderful little 24mm f/11 Chroma Double Glass and when the cloud cover rolled over, as does every afternoon as of late, I was using my cobbled together 27mm f/2.8 plastic Lumenbox LTM lens.

Today's shots seemed to fall into three categories: closer shots with the Double Glass, wider more architectural shots with the Double Glass and shots of mostly houses and clouds with the Lumenbox lens. Today I'm presenting only the closer shots.

This roll was developed in Cinestill Df-96 monobath.