X-Ray Maple

Another lumen exposure of our lone silver maple


sonny rosenberg

1/15/20241 min read

Unfortunately each passing day seems to find me with less and less time for taking photographs, so they may tend to be even more mundane than usual as time passes.

One of the many things that I've been intending to do, is to document our maple through the seasons through the use of lumen photos. I think the last shot of this kind was in Fall when the maple still held plenty of foliage. This one is much starker, as you might expect.

Interestingly (at least to me), in this shot the maple appears to be surrounded by other trees, it actually isn't. Maybe it's expressing it's loneliness through my lumen shot?

This shot was taken with my homemade large format 11 x 11cm Cadobo cam. My only glass lensed Cadobo cam, as it uses a headlight lens. The paper was expired Kodak IV with an hour and a half exposure in waning sunlight.

Once again, even though neither of these have much color, I've opted to present both the negative and positive images.