A single lumen exposure with my homemade Cadobo cam


sonny rosenberg

5/10/20241 min read

Admittedly this single shot probably isn't worthy of its own post, but it's all I got for today. I am pleased with the colors in this one, although I'm a little surprised that it's pretty much a duo tone.

I also can't help but wonder if this might have been better if the subject had been just a tad more discernible.

To clarify, the oval blades of the whirlygig are visible just to the left of center, radiating around the seemingly black, circular center of the device.

I do like that this slow 35 minute exposure seemed to capture droplets from the sprinkler being flung off the whirlygig. Or is that an illusionary artifact of the lumen process?

I think I'm going to try this shot again tomorrow with my patented red candy wrapper filter.