Whew! I Guess Persistence Does Pay Off Sometimes

Finally one decent lumen exposure


sonny rosenberg

9/20/20231 min read

Whew again! It's been somewhat of a day like that. I suspect that I was trying to juggle too many tasks at once, but eventually everything seemed to sort itself out.

This was my fifth lumen expsoure of the day, I was going to give up for the time being if this one didn't come out. Turns out I'm out of light anyway. One might suspect that maybe my standards were too high in this case. I think one would be wrong. The other shots just plain sucked for a variety of reasons. This one proved the exception though and I'm tickled to finally get this shot.

It may not look like all that, but it's one of those that I like the negative as much as the positive, so I'm presenting both. It's about an hour and half exposure in mixed sun and shade on expired Kodak IV paper. This is a shot of the front garden bean tower with expiring bean plants.