Virginia Lake in Ice

A few frames of Virginia Lake in Reno with Adox CHS 100


sonny rosenberg

2/6/20231 min read

These are from the same roll of CHS as the shots from the other day. Shot with the Chroma Double Glass 24mm fixed focus lens on my Leica Ic and developed in Adox FX-39II.

Virginia Lake is a smallish lake almost in the middle of the older, central part of Reno. Even though we've had quite a bit of snow this winter and it's been quite cold, I was still a little surprised to see it cloaked in snow and ice. I guess I have a picture of it in my head of the lake in summer. It's very much not summer here and now.

I've thought twice whether or not I should even publish these, to be honest I still have doubts, but here they are anyway.