Two Cool, One Warm

3 new lumen exposures with my hybrid Cadobo camera


sonny rosenberg

4/18/20241 min read

The weather was absolutely beautiful today, and I had time between various chores to set up 3 differrent exposures. Surprisingly, they all came out to my liking.

These were shot with my hybrid Cadobo camera that uses a homemade cardboard body with a 50mm meniscus lens grafted from a Jorge Otero Lumenbox. For me, one of the charms of this little camera is it's shorter focus range and shallower depth of field. It won't focus to infinity, but it will focus to just over a foot from the lens. It also has almost no depth of field, as you can see from these shots.

These were all about 30 minute exposures with the usual Kodak IV paper.