Tri-X Pulled and Pushed

A Few Frames of Kodak Tri-X 400, Shot at 100 and Developed at 800


sonny rosenberg

8/12/20231 min read

It was a silly experiment I suppose, but I had to try. Next I'm sure I'll be attempting the Tide pod challenge. When I was searching for examples of pulled and pushed Tri-X I ran across some examples that were shot at ISO 100 but developed at ISO 800. Some of the images were very interesting. High contrast with an exagerated glow to the highlights, intriguing for me at least. Sometimes I think I'm like a crow, drawn inexorably to shiny objects, except that in my case it's unusual photographs.

My shots here, on the other hand, are somewhat meh. They're shots, they're ok, but that's about it. Nothing more to see here. Move along.

These were shot with my old Leica Ic and mostly my 28mm TTArtisan lens, but a few were taken with the 24mm Chroma Double Glass. This roll was developed in stock Xtol (Bellini Eco Pro).