Three New Lumen Shots

Using some different papers


sonny rosenberg

1/19/20241 min read

Really these are just some tests of bits and bobs of papers that I haven't used in a while.

They are all an hour plus exposure on thoroughly dampened paper. I had an incredibly brilliant idea to reduce the fogging that had plagued my shots in previous winters, yet still dampen the paper. I started soaking my papers in cold water and I always wait until the ambient temperature is above 30° F to set up the camera. I told you it was brilliant.

I was intent on getting three more shots of the tiny chair, but I began to run out of light so I aimed the camera straight at the sunset until dark fell. I think that shot, ambiguous as it is, is my favorite of this bunch. There isn't a lot of color in these shots, but I am pleased by their relatively subtle palette. This particular camera has the shortest focus distance/depth of field of all my cameras, so the sunset is very blurry, which I'm liking at the moment. If I get time today, I may take some more out of focus longer shots with this camera.

The chair shots are taken Kodak II paper and the sunset is on Ilford MG Classic. The camera for this was my hybrid Cadobo cam with a 50mm Lumenbox lens.