Three Cadobo Shots

Of indeterminate exposure


sonny rosenberg

1/1/20241 min read

A couple days ago Rebecca had extensive reconstructive surgery to her lower leg. To make a long story shortish, her lower leg had basically disassembled itself and she was hobbling around, literally on her ankle bone.

The surgery went well, and it's likely that she will be able to walk normally in the furture. For now, many weeks of convalescence and Immobility await, and for a while she'll need around the clock care.

As you can imagine, this doesn't leave me a great deal of time for photography. I can steal a minute here or there, but getting enough time for a leisurely photo stroll is probably weeks away. I'm writing this as Rebecca naps.

I was able to set a Cadobo camera (my homemade 63mm, 7x7cm lumen camera) outside under various weather conditions for inderterminate amounts of time. Surprisingly, 3 of 4 exposures yielded decent (by my own not eccentric at all standard of decent) images.

The chair photo was taken with the camera wearing a gallon baggy as rain was threatening, and in fact it did rain briefly. The one that surprised me the most though was the photo with the 3 buckets (if they are even discernible as buckets) as it was getting darker and there was very little light to be had. I was surprised to get an image at all in that one.