The Enduring Cosmos

The cosmos through a toy digital camera


sonny rosenberg

10/27/20231 min read

No, not that kind of comsos. Cosmos the flower. I knew that we were overdue for our first freeze, and even though the cosmos seemed everlasting this year, I just couldn't imagine them surviving the first freeze.

It finally happened this morning. I haven't had the courage yet to go to the back garden to see if they survived, but I'm not expecting that they did.

The marigolds also proved as hardy as the cosmos this year, as much as I enjoy them, I find them a little less photogenic than the cosmos.

These shots were taken just a couple days ago with the aforementioned Superheadz (Powershovel) Sun & Cloud toy digital camera set at ISO 800.

Sorry if these shots hurt your eyes! Viewing this post through sunglasses is recommended.