Testing a Couple More Cadobo Cam Iterations

And getting mixed results



4/9/20232 min read

Above is a group of recently completed cameras. From left to right they are; a 50mm focal length hybrid Cadobo with a Lumenbox f/2 Bi-Convex lens. In the middle is the 150mm focal length f/2 Cadobo XL with a Plano-Convex glass lens, and on the right is the second prototype Cadobo cam with its 63mm focal length plastic Plano-Convex lens.

I did test them all today, but all the tests were fatally flawed. The Cadobo cam XL shot was completely out of focus, back to the drawing board with that one although the focus should be easy enough to remedy when I get time. Below is the first shot with this camera. All the exposures today were 5 hours on a hazy day and were all taken on Arista Edu grade 3 paper.

The first Cadobo XL photo on 4.25" paper

Next up is the hybrid Cadobo/Lumenbox camera. This shot too has issues. While I did get some decent color in it, the depth of field is as shallow as I should have expected. I suppose that's not really a flaw in this kind of extremely low-fi photo, I can probably even get that to work to my advantage in the right circumstances. I think more testing is in order here. I'm wondering if the extremely short depth of field is actually water vapor from overzealous misting of the paper on my part. I hope to test that hypothesis tomorrow.

An exposure from the hybrid Cadobo/Lumenbox camera

And last and least is an exposure from the now venerable Cadobo cam prototype No. 2. I probably don't need to explain what a brilliant rocket scientist I am to any of my readers. On this shot I put the paper in backwards, emulsion facing away from the lens. It sort of worked. I've never done that before, I swear! Ok, maybe once before...