Tape, 2 Versions:

Two different cyanotypes of a stack of tape.


sonny rosenberg

1/6/20230 min read

Exciting stuff eh? I don't understand why you would think that I take photographs of the most mundane subjects imaginable? Really, why would you think that?

Below are two different cyanotype exposures from a digital negative. I think this may be have been with my Skink Pancake Pinhole on one of my 35mm rangefinder bodies? Possibly shot on Washi S sound recording film.

The reason I'm including two different exposures is to show the amount of variability inherent in this process. They're both coated on the same day with the same paper (Fabriano Artistico) and exposed the same way for the same amount of time, yet one is, to my eye a significantly superior exposure. I'll let you decide which is which.

For one exposure there was some strange transparent goop on the inside of the glass of the contact frame. My only guess is that it was outgassing from the Pictorico digital negative? In any case, I cleaned off the goo using alcohol for the second exposure. The goo did leave an interesting artifact on the exposure.

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Cyanotype sans goo on the glass, I think though that this was in the incipient stages of forming new goo?

Cyanotype with goo artifacts