My first shots with the Oczko Stereo Minuta Pinhole Camera


sonny rosenberg

6/16/20241 min read

Last year I was gifted a very cool Oczko Stereo Minuta pinhole camera and viewer kit. It's made of sturdy pressed board (I have no idea what the real name of that stuff is, but it's far studier than cardboard). It was surprisingly complex for a pinhole camera, but overall, was fun to build. I have to say, it's a very well designed kit and the instructions are excellent.

Unfortunately, I haven't had a chance to use it until last week. I was a little sceptical that it would work at all, due to mysterious user error on my last couple attempts at pinhole shots.

These, for the most part, came out decently as exposures, if not very interesting as photos. I was mostly just trying to get a handle on what makes a good stereo subject and at what distance.

I'll have to wait until my transparencies get back from The Darkroom to see them in stereo, as I'm pretty bad at free viewing, although I am able to get a glimpse of their stereosity. Unfortunately again, if you're not able to free view, you probably won't see much remarkable in these images either.

These were shot on an old expired roll of Fuji Provia 100 that I had, the 100 ISO of Provia is a little fast for pinhole shots like this. Were that I had a roll of Velvia instead. Which reminds me how much I miss Velvia. In my mind, it was the pinnacle of transparency films, Maybe I'll eventually break down and buy a couple expired rolls of Velvia for more than $20 each.