Some Yellow Filter Tests

Testing my homemade lumen camera with a yellow filter


sonny rosenberg

5/30/20231 min read

As a continuation of my first magenta filter tests with the Cadobo cam I thought I would try testing a yellow filter as well. The magenta filter test results weren't dramatic by any means, but I thought I noticed a subtle richness added to the intrinsic color palette of the paper.

These yellow filter tests were a bit surprising to me, they shifted the color palette more towards the primary colors to make these shots taken with Kodak multi-grade IV paper, to appear much more similar to my old standard paper Arista Edu Ultra grade 3 paper.

Since I've already grown quite fond of the color palette I've been getting with the Kodak IV, I probably won't repeat these tests with the yellow filter. Like previous tests with Kodak IV, these exposures came out of the camera with very good contrast and needed almost no color curve tweaking.

These exposures ranged from 2 hours to 45 minutes under conditions of variable sun and clouds. I'm also a bit surprised that the first 2 hour (upper left) exposure is incredibly similar to the last 45 minute (lower right) exposure. Go figure.