Some More Photos of My 1933 Voigtlander Brilliant

A few more detailed photos of the Brilliant


sonny rosenberg

5/21/20231 min read

Yikes! I really am as senile as I imagine myself to be. I thought that I had posted these detail photos of my recent 1933 Voigtlander Brilliant ages ago, but I can't find that post on the blog... To be fair, these files were only this, my new MacBook and this computer just recently came back from Apple (although they didn't fix the issue, they repaired the "liquid damage" of which there was none, but I think I figured out a workaround for the issue. You gotta love the gigantic corporations that rule our destiny, or not.) Anyway, that's my excuse and I'm sticking with it.

Along with these detail shots, I'm pretty sure I also never published most of the photos from what I think is the first roll I shot with the Voigtlander, a roll of Ilford Pan F+, that I think was developed in Adox FX-39, but what do I know? Stop yelling at me!

In any case, here are those temporarily disapeared photos: