Some Lower Contrast Superpan Shots

A few frmes of Rollei Superpan 200 shot on a cloudy day with a No. 16 Yellow Filter


sonny rosenberg

2/13/20231 min read

The day after I shot the first half of this roll of Superpan was mostly cloudy so I exchanged the No.21 Orange filter for a No.16 Yellow, otherwise the rig was the same with the Leica Ic and Voigtlander 21mm, and of course the same Adox FX-39II developer.

These were mostly shot in alleys around my neighborhood. Nuthin fancy here. I just wanted to show what this film looks like under lower contrast conditions. I'm serious about the nothing fancy, these shots could really be almost any medium speed film (I think ISO 100 and 200 are medium speed) like Fomapan or Kentemere. I'm not dissing on them, I've seen wonderful photos by other people taken with those films, but in my hands they all seem to take on an insdistinguishable gray sameness. Oh, this roll was shot at the box speed of ISO 200.