Some Even More Abstract Lumen Exposures

A few more exposures from my homemade cameras and the Lumenbox


sonny rosenberg

5/15/20231 min read

These exposures from yesterday and today constitute a bit of an assortment. The first is from the large format Cadobo Xl, the next two are from the standard 7x7 Cadobo camera and the last two are from the Lumenbox.

The Cadobo XL shot is a 2 hour 11x11 exposure on Arista Edu Grade 3 paper. The middle two standard 7x7 Cadobo shots are both 1.5 hour exposures on Foma MG Classic 132 paper. The last two 6x6 Lumenbox exposures are both 8 hour exposures on the Arista paper.

I think that with the standard Cadobo shots in the middle, the hour and a half of expsoure time of these is as long of an exposure as the paper will tolerate and give a somewhat recognizable image. I'm actual very happy with the high degree of abstraction in these images and with their colors. I hope to get some more images similar to these, on the edge of readability.

As I render these out I've been truncating the size to be more blog friendly. I'm wondering what is the maximum image size I can derive from these negative scans without truncation, and what size prints they might yield? My initial thought is to start shopping around for a venue that might host an exhibit of these (like the middle two photos). But maybe I'm putting the cart before the horse in this case? Anyway, I am enthusiastic about them at this point. I guess I'm just an abstractionist (is that a term?) at heart.