Six 6x12 Handheld Pinhole Exposures

With Rollei RPX-25 and my Noon pinhole camera


sonny rosenberg

6/26/20232 min read

I've been wanting to shoot my wonderful Noon 6x12 pinhole camera for quite a while now. Something about the way it's designed and built (out of beautiful walnut that I assume is Polish walnut as I've never seen wood like it before) makes it probably the most satisfying to use camera I have. There's nothing fancy about it, everything just works as it should. I guess that could be considered not very high praise for a pinhole camera, as there's not many things it has to do, but in this case it is high praise. This camera just embodies rightness (is that a word?).

Also, I've been inspired Experiments in Dreaming's and other photographers hand held pinhole shots on Flickr. I'm under no illusion that I could come up with anything even half as elegant as those, but I've never been able to resist trying a new photographic approach. To be honest these photos are varying degrees of hand held. If there was a rock or bridge railing available I took advantage of its solidity. It was a cloudy day in Reno and I was shooting Rollei RPX-25 so some of the exposures were quite long. One was over 3 minutes.

These were developed in well aged Cinestill monobath.

This was the first exposure of the day, 42 seconds if I recall correctly.

This seemingly abandoned tractor trailer was at about the halfway point on my ride.

Looking West from a bridge over the Truckee River.

This is about my 90th shot of the Nevada Museum of Art.

Back home, a shot in the front garden, this was the 3 minutes plus shot.

And another garden shot.