RPX 25!

With the Leica Ic and 25mm Voigtlander Color Skopar


sonny rosenberg

6/22/20241 min read

For a while now, I've been longing to shoot some plain old vanilla b&w photos. I'm out of my favorite b&w film, Adox CMS 20 II, which I consider to be absolutely magical. Edit: Sadly, CMS appears to be discontinued for the time being, but many have high hopes that this will not be permanent. Rollei RPX 25 is a decent substitute in a pinch. It's not as contrasty, doesn't have as smooth a tonal range and doesn't capture as much detail as CMS, but it's not bad at all. These days RPX is my distant second favorite.

My trusty old Leica Ic was wearing one of my very favorite lenses, the Voigtlander (Cosina) 21mm Color Skopar. If 50mm is usually way too narrow for me and 12mm is sometimes a little wide, the 21 is almost alwyas just right. It's my Goldilocks lens and presents a view that seems the most natural of any of my lenses. It sees the world very much as it appears to me.

These shots from a walk around the neighborhood were developed in Tetanal Neofin Blau, a really nice developer that gets along very well with the slow speed films that I favor. The negatives were a tiny bit schmutzy, I guess I'm not as facile at cleaning with the Pec Pads as I used to be.

For no really good reason, I decided to use a slightly modified version of Light Room's Sepia preset on these. I just thought it looked nice.