Remarkably, the Cosmos is Still Kicking

Even though the garden is mostly gone


sonny rosenberg

9/30/20231 min read

As happens every year, the garden has been reduced to a mere shell of its former self. There are just a few stunted sunflowers hanging on, and then there's the Cosmos! The Cosmos are still going strong and apparently love the cooler weather. I doubt that they'll make it past the first freeze, but we're enjoying them while we can.

I took a few lumen exposures of them a few days ago with what I call the 'normal' Cadobo cam with the 63mm plano-convex lens, but this is the only shot that came out interesting at all. In this case, the negative and positive both came out well, my favorite occurrence. So I present them here as another diptych.

These were taken on expired Kodak IV paper with about a 90 minute exposure.