Orange Robot

And the Melvins


sonny rosenberg

1/5/20241 min read

It has always been my intent for this blog to have it be almost exclusively a photo blog. From time time to time my original intent does waver a bit though, as in today's post.

My current day job is teaching animation (both 3D computer animation and not virtual stop-motion animation). Next semester my students will be working extensively with sound, moving a character to a beat, dialog, etc. To get the ball rolling I've been working on dialog and moving to a beat (I daren't call anything I create dancing). Their first musical animation can be done without observing reference material, their second will have to be based on reference videos. As you can probably tell, no reference material was used or injured in the creation of this animation.

Recently, I animated a rigged character that I'd purchased the license for. I think it came out somewhat interesting, you may or may not find it so.

My apologies to The Melvins for misspelling Eye Flys (the name of the song) in the credits. If you're not familiar with The Melvins, they're the progenitors of Sludge Rock and Eye Flys is from their seminal work Gluey Porch Treatments. My apologies to King Buzzo and the Melvins again for stealing more than the alloted legal 8 second sample.

This short clip was created in Autodesk Maya.