Not so Much Color

A few frames from my second roll of Harman Phoenix


sonny rosenberg

2/2/20241 min read

This roll of Phoenix 200 took me much longer to shoot than a roll of film normally would, for a couple reasons. I wasn't able to get out all for the sole purpose of shooting at the time, so these shots were taken on various errands or on my way to school.

Also, it's much harder for me to even find color in the winter here when the skies are gray and the wind is howling, so these were mostly taken on days when we got at least some intermittent sunlight.

I don't have much to say about these other than that much of this roll turned out as unimpressively as I feared they might. Not terrible, but nothing special either. Still, there are a couple shots amongst these that I would consider to be decent, so here they are.

These were taken with my Lomo LCW, with it's 17mm lens. This lens tends to vignette a bit under normal conditions, but for a couple shots, the double doors that protect the lens remained partially closed.