New Lens Day!

My first shots with the TTArtisan 28mm f/5.6 LTM lens

sonny rosenberg

7/27/20231 min read

Well I did it, I bought a lens that I didn't really need at a price that I wasn't eager to pay, but I'm glad I did it. My initial impression is that the new TTArtisan 28mm f/5.6 LTM is a very nice little lens. Sure it's not the sharpest lens in the world, but I'm not at all a pixel peeper, nor do I make big enlargements from my 35mm shots, it's plenty sharp enough for my needs. It's also not the fastest lens on the planet. Fast schmast, I'm good with slow. OTOH, it's got great contrast and the photos taken with it just look right to me.

I have to say that this little lens just exudes quality. It's heavy and solid feeling and the controls feel precise. Even the lens caps are heavy brass (lined with a soft black material). This is a beautiful lens and feels more high quality than any other lens I own. I do think it's more than a little silly of me to be so enamored of the appearance of a lens, but there you have it. Oh, the brass lens hood is a beauty too and the clamping mechanism that fits it to the lens is very nicely done, I've never even seen another lens hood this nice.

This roll of Adox CMS 20 II shot at ISO 25, was taken over a couple days, beginning with a drive to a neighboring town, and then a short bike ride and a walk around the neighborhood. It was developed in Adotech IV. Oh, this lens is rangefinder coupled but my Leica Ic has no rangefinder. I set the focus to 2ft. at f/8 and everything from 1 meter on is pretty much in focus. It does seem to me, and it makes sense that the depth of field on this lens is not equal to my 15mm and 21mm lenses. It seems like the closer subjects are sharper than the more distant ones. It's possible that the lens may need calibrating? TT says that's normal and gives instructions and a cute little target for doing that. I won't bother until I use this lens on my Canon rangefinder.