New Camera Aperture Tests

f/8 and f/4 lumen exposures with the new homemade camera


Sonny Rosenberg

3/21/20231 min read

I'm not sure if it's because I'm using a different paper, or if these just weren't long enough exposures at these apertures to get decent colors. I'm trying to decide whether to keep working with the apertures and exposure times to get better colors, or just stick with shooting the camera wide open, which I prefer. My first thought is to abandon the apertures as I prefer the more distorted images and ease of getting good color with relatively short exposure times. The camera's native aperture is about f/2, which works for me.

The image above is about a 4 hour exposure at f/8 and the image below is a 4 hour exposure at f/4 but on a cloudy snowy day (happy fucking spring). I didn't get much in the way of interesting colors for either, so I went with neutralish and warmish, the latter which this paper seems predisposed to.