Mostly Alleys

A few frames of FP4 shot with the Holga 135, mostly in alleys


sonny rosenberg

11/18/20231 min read

Thankfully I had the chance to get out for a little walk yesterday. As Winter fast approaches, everything is starting to look gray, dreary and decidedly unphotogenic to my eyes. And while the light on a mostly cloudy day can occasionally be dramatically beautiful, it wasn't yesterday.

It also seems that I'm not very phtographically (or emotionally) prepared for the waning of the light. My stock of films tends to be slow and slower, ranging from ISO 50 to 13. The notable exception to that is the few rolls of Ilford FP4 that I still have, definitely not my favorite film in the world although it is a sturdy film that lies nice and flat for scanning.

These, as the title implies, were mostly shot in alleys near my neighborhood. They were taken with my Holga 135bc and pushed a half stop in Cinestill DF96 monobath.