More Wider, but More Reasonable Contrast

With the 12mm Voigtlander, Leica Ic, Ilford Pan F+ and Tetanal Neofin Blau


sonny rosenberg

10/7/20231 min read

For this roll I wanted to compare some shots of a fairly normal contrast range taken with the 12mm to the very high contrast 12mm shots of the other day. The VA around the corner is alway a good subject for wide angle shots as there are plenty of geometries about as well as interesting nooks and crannies.

I wound up using Ilford Pan F+ as I had times for it for quite a few developers, giving me the option of changing my mind at the last minute on how I wanted the shots to appear. I do like Pan F! It can't be denied that it's a beautiful film, yet until now, it hasn't been one of my very favorites. It wasn't till now though that I'd seen Pan F developed in Neofin Blau. In my mind, Tetanal brings out everything that's good about Pan F, high sharpness and acuity, great contrast, yet a beautiful and broad tonal palette of grays as well.

My only reservation with this combo is that Neofin Blau is a one shot developer. I do have an inherrent bias against one shots, not only because of the cost, but they just seem wasteful to me. Couple that with the $13 or so I wind up paying for a roll of Pan F, and these factors make this is a combo that I don't see shooting every day. Unless my ship should come in soon, of course.