More High Contrast with Adox Scala 50

And Flic Film MQ-19


sonny rosenberg

11/5/20231 min read

I'm realizing that very few of my readers enjoy very high contrast photos (or maybe they just don't prefer my particular high contrast photographs?), nonetheless my fascination with them doesn't seem to be abating at all.

Adox and Agfa films tend to be some of my very favorite films. I like pretty much all the Rollei Retro films and all of the RPX line I've tried. To my knowledge, they're various varieties of Agfa Aviphot, or something very similar, and of course Adox CMS 20II is my current all time favorite film and is unlikely to be dethroned soon.

When I realized that Freestyle Photo was carrying Adox Scala 50, I knew I had to try some. I was under the impression that Scala was meant to be developed as a reversal film, so when I learned that it did very well with conventional development methods, I was even more anxious to try it.

As it turns out, I had development times for Scala 50 with D-19, the combination was of course, irresistable to me.

I think these are even higher contrast than my first tests with MQ-19 and RPX-25 (another favorite film). I understand that they may not be very appealing to most, but some of these are just what I'm looking for in very high contrast shots.

This is a combination that I will definitely come back to, although I'm looking forward to trying Scala 50 with a more conventional developer, maybe Xtol or Tetanal Blau?

I should probably pick up some more of it, before it's out of stock like many of my favorites always seem to be. For my peculiar purposes Scala looks like a very promising film!

These were shot with my trusty old Leica Ic and Voigtlander 12mm and developed in MQ-19 for 14 minutes at 68° F.