More 110!

A few frames of Orca 110 with the Baby Diana


sonny rosenberg

6/22/20241 min read

As you may know, there are not a lot of choices in current production 110 film. Luckily Lomography produces a handful of very nice films in that format. Orca 100 is (I think) their only B&W offering. At first use, it seems to be nice and contrasty, with a decent exposure attitude.

I don't have a lot to say about these shots, other than that they were shot during a stroll around the neighborhood and developed by The Darkroom. I am not very thrilled that there is quite a bit of dust and schmutz on these scans, something I've never seen on work by The Darkroom before.

I like the Orca 110 well enough that I'm going to invest in a tank and reel (Yankee) that I can use with 110 film. I may even start looking for some expired 110 film.

Oh, one really nice aspect of the Baby Diana is the ease of which you can take multiple exposures. This dawned on me late in the roll, and consequently there's only one double exposure here.