Make Mine Glowing with Extra Blur

A walk to the hardware store with my 27mm Lumenbox lens and a roll of Agfa Scala


sonny rosenberg

5/5/20241 min read

It's been a while since I've shot one of my favorite lenses, my cobbled together, but extremely sophisticated, 27mm Lumenbox lens (that is, a plastic meniscus lens meant for one of Jorge Otero's fabulous Lumenboxes). I love the way that it smears things together while some objects still retain decent remnants of focus. With the right film, it gives everything an otherworldly glow. It also tends to produce lots of contrast.

These shots are even higher contrast than normal as I developed them in Flic Film's MQ-19, a recreation of Kodak's high contrast D-19. In this context, the Agfa Scala 50 I was shooting is a bit prone to over exposure. Still, while everyone won't appreciate these, they're right up my alley. High contrast, blurry, glowing. What more could you ask for?

You may want to don your sunglasses before viewing these.

These were shot with my old Leica Ic wearing the 27mm Lumenbox lens and developed for 8 minutes in neat MQ-19.