Looking for a Splash of Color in Reno

With Elektra 100, My Leica Ic and Voigtlander 21mm


sonny rosenberg

7/20/20231 min read

Last Winter looking for a little color around town was not an easy task. The low gray skies made everything seem dull and gray (myself included), but when the sun started to perk up a bit, Reno seemed to explode with color. It was if the plants that had been oppressed by the freezing temperatures for so long (Spring came very late here), put everything they had into making the best of the short growing season.

I had really meant to capture some of those explosions of color, but somehow never got to it. The flora around here is still doing fine though. It's been wiltingly hot, probably where you are too, but for a change, it seems like the trees and shrubs absorbed enough water over the very wet winter to keep them going strong.

Even though (as usual) these shots are mostly photos of buildings and other mundanities, you'll notice that the vegetation is doing quite well for this late in the season.

As mentioned in the title, these were taken on Flic Film Elektra 100 (Kodak Aerocolor IV) with my Leica Ic and Voigtlander 21mm. I swear, there either must be a few slightly different varieties of Aeerocolor IV or what I've been getting is in various degrees of expirational decay. Some rolls have distinct color casts to them (this one didn't) I've even made prestes in Lightroom to accomodate those color casts.

This roll (also as usual for color) was processed by The Darkroom in San Clemente.