Leaving Salt Lake City

Mostly looking out of windows


sonny rosenberg

6/11/20231 min read

This was an actually an experiment. When I travel by plane, I mail my film to myself, which because of my ineptitude at life, turned out to be a real pain this year. As I was preparing myself for the usual humiliation of having my bag and person searched again, I noticed a sign advertising that the new x-ray machines would only fog faster films ISO 800 and above. Since I mostly use very slow films, this caused me to wonder if I might actually be able to get a roll through the scanners without noticeable damage.

Just before leaving, I decided I was willing to possibly sacrifice a roll of CMS-20 to the god of security and bring a partially exposed roll through the scanners. To my surprise, it worked well! I'm unable to discern any fogging (I think) of this roll. There are a few frames that have some inexplicable white dots, but I'm assuming that those might be the result of my lack of facility in cleaning the film roll with the Pec-Pads.

This turned out to be a mini journal of my departure from the City of Salt. It begins the evening before departure with a few shots near the Salt Palace where I was working. The next shots are through the windows of the shuttle bus on it's way to the airport, and the final shots are through the airport windows.

As mentioned above, the film was Adox CMS-20II (my current favorite film) shot at ISO 25 with my old Leica Ic and 15mm Voigtlander lens. Development was in a fresh batch of Adox Adotech IV.