Just Another Maple Shot

A lumen exposure with my Cadobo cam


sonny rosenberg

1/26/20241 min read

There really hasn't been much time for photography at all lately, unfortunately there likely won't be for another month or two.

On the upside though, as the Sun travels it's northward arc, there is a little more light in the front garden each morning. That, along with a fairly lengthy gap in the cloud cover last week, allowed me to get this morning exposure of our silver maple.

I did manage to finish off my second roll of Harman Phoenix this week. Hopefully it will arrive at The Darkroom soon.

Tomorrow is 127 Day! And I have absolutely no time to get out and shoot. Nonetheless I have all my 127 cameras loaded and ready to go, so I'm going to make some time to use at least one of them tomorrow, even if it's just a 15 minute walk around the block. We're also about to get some unseasonably warm weather, so it might be in the 50s and sunny tomorrow. Fingers crossed that I get some decent shots!