Just Another Lumenbox Shot, or Where's the Demon?

I probably shouldn't even post this as it's quite similar to the previous shot.


sonny rosenberg

2/27/20231 min read

It's just that I remain fascinated by the small wash tub full of ice that is sitting on my potter's wheel. Silly, I know, but go figure. Also this is somewhat of a memento of those bygone days when the sun shone and the temperature rose above freezing.

Actually, I was hoping to get sort of a time lapse photo of the ice thawing and the soup can that is floating in it bobbing around, but this process and this camera don't seem to have the resolution for it.

I'm thinking of tapeing a couple ND filters to my f/325, 5x7 pinhole camera and trying a shot of the tub with that.

Look closely and see if you can spot the demon in the window on the right?