Just a Single Lumen Exposure

With my Cadobo XL Large Format Lumen Camera


sonny rosenberg

5/6/20231 min read

Not much to see today really. Yesterday it was raining off and on and I was able to get a few exposures with the big 11x11cm Cadobo Cam XL. This is the only one of those exposures that came out to my liking at all. If you're interested, I've been posting the others (both what I consider to be better and worse shots) on Flickr.

This is a 1.5 hour exposure sort of, towards the end of this sunset exposure the sun was completely obscured by clouds. I'm not completely in love with the color palette of this shot, but something about this simple composition pulls me in. I think this is starting to become a series of very basic geometric compositions.

This was an unintended fortuitous multiple exposure in that I didn't cinch the tripod head down thoroughly enough for the very windy conditions it was taken in.

As usual for the recent Cadobo XL exposures, this was on Arista Edu Grade 3 paper, that was thoroughly soaked in water prior to exposure.