Just a Single

A single lumen exposure with my Cadobo camera


sonny rosenberg

1/4/20241 min read

Not much to see today I'm afraid. Just this single lumen exposure. Actually, I took three decent shots the other day, but I like this one well enough that I've decided to give it its own post.

I think a description of the image may be warranted here. It's a tall free-standing barbecue with a heavy black vinyl cover over it and a coiled garden hose sitting atop. The porch railings behind it are a dark blue.

I think that I'm drawn to the way the colors on the normally black bbq cover seem to play with tranparency and opacity, or seem to present another image. When I first looked at the photo, I thought it was as if I was seeing through the bbq cover and on closer observation it seemed like I was seeing another scene, a snow capped mountain scene within or painted on the cover.

Maybe it's just me though and I'm letting my imagination run away with me.

This was an hour and twenty minute exposure on wet, expired Kodak IV paper in mostly bright sunlight. The Cadobo cam was wearing a red filter.