Just a Few More Lumen Shots

Of the usual mundane objects.


sonny rosenberg

7/11/20231 min read

Yesterday I had planned to go on a bike ride and shoot the roll of Elektra 100 that I have loaded in the Leica, but those plans were scuttled. Instead I just boodled around the house (boo.dle verb : to engage in inocuous but mostly useless, time wasting activities) with very little recolection of exactly how I occupied my time other than taking these Cadobo cam expsoures.

As usual with lumen exposures, there's not much predictabiity involved here. Even though all exposures were for all about the same amount of time, with the same paper in similar lighting conditions, the results were quite variable.

For the first shot of a stack of lumber, I strongly preferred the negative to the positive so only that is presented here. The others, for various reasons seemed a little meh to me, nonetheless, here are four of the five hour and 20 minute exposures I took yesterday.