Just a Bunch of Odds and Ends

An 'accidental' cyanotype, a few shots with my 28mm canon LTM lens and some digital zone plate shots, whew!


Sonny Rosenberg

3/16/20231 min read

I think this gets the award for my least cohesive post. I didn't think any of these (except maybe the cyanotype?) were strong enough to be their own post, so I threw a bunch of stuff from the other day together. Maybe it will hold your interest for a bit?

I really didn't intend to make a cyanotype, just to make some sensitizer solution and coat some paper. As soon as I got the solution mixed up I realized that it would be a while before I would have a chance to shoot anything to use with the paper, so I thought better of coating. Just to test the solution I grabbed the first negative in the box and put in the contact frame with the paper. Then I forgot about it and left it laying on my workbench for over a day. There wasn't enough UV light making it through the clouds and windows to expose it inside so I set it outside in the gloom for a half hour. That did it. I was surprised that I liked the resultant image warts and all, so I thought better of toning it. It is what it is. Oddly, I think this is my favorite cyanotype thus far.

Next up, I hadn't shot my 28mm f/2.8 Canon LTM lens on my Canon IVSb2 in a while. I love that camera even though I don't use it enough these days. It's really a quality camera, higher in quality and precision than my Leica in my book. The 28 is interesting. To my eye a bit soft and lacking contrast, but all the more charming for it. These few shots are really on the soft side because I was shooting wide open. These were also developed in Kompostinol.

And last and probably least, I was able to get my Sony Alpha to display monochrome images and had a lot of fun shooting digital zone plate photos. As Daphne Schnitzer warned me, it's addictive, I did manage to limit the amount that I'm presenting here though.