It's Finished!

It ain't much, but at least it's done


sonny rosenberg

4/30/20241 min read

Whew! I can't believe it's finally finished, silly as it is. I was going to append an encore song and dance routine to the end of it, but I'm having trouble deciding on the genre. I was bent on Shoe Gaze, but now I think it will have to be jazzish. At the rate I'm working, it will be mid Summer before that's in the can.

I have it in my mind to make more episodes of this as I have a bunch of ideas for even dumber stories. Hopefully there will be a new epsiode coming in a couple months.

The hardest part of all this was making a youtube channel, as youtube is now owned by google and really wants to sell you shit, to allow you to make a channel. I fucking hate all big companies.