It Almost Worked

An experiment in high contrast with FP4+


sonny rosenberg

10/31/20231 min read

I've been experimenting with a new to me developer, Flic Film MQ-19, which is a recreation of Kodak D-19, a high contrast developer originally used by reporters to quickly develop film while on assignment. It's noted for high contrast and extreme grain, but so far I haven't witnessed the extreme grain part. I haven't been able to find many development times for D-19, so I'm mostly extrapolating and experimenting with various films I have on hand.

I have a few rolls of Ilford FP4+ that were a gift. I don't hate FP4 by any means, but by the same token, it's not in my list of favorites.

The other day I noticed developing time for Ilford Pan F+ in a list of times for D-19. While Pan F is certainly not FP4, I reasoned that they may be similar enough that FP4 might respond well to MQ-19.

As you can see, it's a bit of a mixed bag. The lighter tones, not just the highlights, are mostly completely blown out, but the darker tones are mostly well preserved.

I did over develop this roll a bit and will reduce my dev times for future rolls. It's also a little over exposed.

Even though I wouldn't call this experiment a success, I do see promise in obtaining higher contrast results with FP4. I'll keep trying until I either learn something or my supply of FP4 is exhausted.

These were taken with my trusty 1949 Leica Ic and the newish TTArtisan 28mm.