Quite a few shots of our volunteer Hollyhocks.


sonny rosenberg

7/3/20241 min read

Even though I'm almost never embarrassed by the mundane nature of my photos, I have to say that I did have second and third thoughts about posting these.

When we moved into our house many years ago, I was impressed by the dense thicket of hollyhocks in the alleyway between our house and our neighbors to the east. AFAIK they're all wild volunteers. Hollyhocks tend to do that.

We used to call it the hollyhock forest until a couple years ago when our former neighbor cut them all down in order to pour an ugly and poorly done run off pad for his basement. I've been really missing them, but this year something happened. They came in back in force with a beautiful variety of colors! The hollyhock forest is just a small remnant of it's former glory, but they seem to be really thriving, albeit in diminished numbers.

So that's it, that's what I got. A bunch of silly (mostly) hollyhock photos taken with my Lomo LCW and a roll of Phoenix.