Getting a Handle On Kompostinol with Washi S and the Chroma Double Glass

A few frames of Film Washi S developed in Kompostinol (fruit and vegetable developer) shot with my Leica Ic


sonny rosenberg

1/10/20230 min read

It took 3 rolls but I'm finally starting to get a handle on development times with this batch of Kompostinol, I had a feeling that 7 minutes might be the sweet spot, and (at least with Washi S), it is. I've been going with the same 86° that I use for Artemisianol but I develop for 15minutes with the sagebrush developer.

One of the reasons I love Washi S so much is that it tends to be very high contrast. My favorite developer for this film though is Artemisianol which tends to mitigate Washi S' high contrast just a bit and allow for a broader tonal palette. Maybe it was the lighting conditions with the glaring cloud cover on the day I shot this roll, but, as you'll see, many of these shots came out with quite high contrast, a few others exhibited a fairly broad tonal palette. I'm starting to think that Kompostinol may be a higher contrast developer, somewhat akin to Cinestill Df96 in its effects.

With the Chroma lens, I'm not sure that the combination of soft focus and high contrast are working for me. Maybe I've been shooting my Voigtlander (Cosina) Color Skopar 21mm f/4 too much as I think I have the unreasonable expectation that everything I shoot I shoot with the Leica should be tack sharp, that's definitely not the case with the Chroma. Not that I'm really knocking it, shots taken with the Chroma do have a certain charm to them.

In any case, I'm really looking forward to using Kompostinol more and fine tuning development with it a bit. I've got the Leica loaded with Fomapan 100 again, but this time it's wearing the 21mm Voigtlander. It will be interesting (for me at least) to compare those shots with these.

These were just taken between barrages of precipitation whilst strolling around my neighborhood.