Fuji Acros II Pushed to 200

With the Chroma Double Glass, Leica Ic and Xtol (Bellini Eco Film)


sonny rosenberg

9/28/20231 min read

If I had a lick of sense I would remember to avoid shooting on cloudy days. Pretty much every time I shoot a few frames on a cloudy day I'm at least a little disappointed, hope springs eternal though and I always think that this roll will be different. Beggars can't be choosers seemingly (did you notice that I'm going for a world's record on spouting overused aphorisms?) and I was happy to get any chance to take some more incredibly mundane photos, a bird in the hand as they say...

Not that I hate these, they're not actually bad in my book, but is it even possible to take bad photos with Acros? Sometimes I go out in a very uninspired state and upon scanning the film, I find something that really piques my interest. Not in this case, only a few turned out mildly interesting. Enough excuses though, here are the shots. I'm sticking to sunny days after this.

As mentioned in the subtitle, this roll of Acros II was shot at ISO 200 and developed in Bellini Eco Film (Xtol) 1+1 for 13 minutes at 68°F.