Four New Lumen Exposures

With the usual hybrid Cadobo camera


sonny rosenberg

4/22/20241 min read

Yesterday was another beautiful sunny day here again. Spring is definitely springing!

I thought I'd better make hay while the Sun shines so to speak, as another storm is on it's way.

These, as is usual theses days, are all taken with the 50mm hybrid Cadobo camera (50mm Lumenbox lens, homemade body) on Kodak IV paper.

They were all about 30 minute exposures except for the last, terribly overexposed shot, which was probably close to an hour in bright sunlight.

I believe one of these shots is among the best lumen exposures that I've ever obtained, if not the flashiest, or most intensely colored, at least according to my whacky standards.

Can you guess which it is?