Five More Frames of Washi X

Some frames of Film Wasi X that I forgot about for a bit


sonny rosenberg

1/14/20230 min read

To be honest, I kind of forgot about these. At the time I wrote it, I thought they didn't really fit in the earlier article I wrote on Washi S, but looking at these a few weeks later, they're not that bad. Interesting enough to post I suppose? So far, I'm really impressed with Washi X. I haven't seen it give such saturated results in others shots that I've seen. I almost wonder if the lab (The Darkroom in San Clemente) kicked up the saturation a bit, but I don't think they normally do that sort of thing.

When I posted these to the Film Washi group on Flickr, they were rejected. I wonder if they didn't believe they was Washi X? I'll have to shoot another roll soon to see if this roll was an anomaly or not. In any case, I do believe this is my favorite color negative film that I've shot so far.