First Color Shots with the Lomo LC-W

A roll of Elektra 100 shot around my neighborhood.


sonny rosenberg

4/15/20231 min read

This is going to be a short post as I just bought a new M1 MacBook, but it's doing some crazy shit. I thought it had deleted my whole back up folder of scans from this year, but it just couldn't read the files. I'll probably return it or at least get it warrantied if these issues continue at all.

Anyhow, full disclosure I used a preset in Lightroom (Urban Architecture UA10) that enhances the saturation and vibrancy of these shots, but for these LC-W exposures, I thought it was appropriate.

These (as usual) are from a walk around my hood last week. They were developed and scanned by The Darkroom in Santa Clara who always do a nice job and are great to deal with if I do have any issues.