Final Projects

From the first year of my animation class.


sonny rosenberg

5/14/20241 min read

I suppose I would be biased if I were to claim that these came out really well, nonetheless I'm claiming that. Keep in mind that this is a first year animation class. Even though a history of animation class is a prerequisite to my class. Very few, if any had any animation experience to speak of before joining this class.

For the final project they had several categories to choose from; a quick cut chase scene, a fight or a long dialog shot.

For the stop-motion assignment, it was pretty much wide open as long as they had both dialog and action.

The CG shots are generally higher quality for a couple reasons. Time in the stop-motion studio was limited, and I believe, stop-motion animation is magnitudes more difficult than CG. With stop-motion there is no undo, no moving your keys in the timeline or tweaking the curves of your anim, no blocking and polishing passes. Well you get the idea. Stop-motion is a one shot performance while CG can be refined endlessly.

The audio levels for the first animation are audibly lower than the others, I tried to pull it up, but it didn't work out well.

Don't even try watching this without audio.