Extra Texture

Adox CMS 20II and the Voigtlander 21mm Color Skopar seem like the perfect combo for pulling in textures.


3/28/20231 min read

Today was another brief respite between atmospheric rivers, but the sun was shining fiercely bright, if not fiercely enough to actually warm the air much. I just couldn't let this opportunity to get out there for a ride pass. Today I took my slow fattish tired bike (a Monét, built for sand, but it does fine in snow too). With those big almost 3" across knobbies, it really is the slow choice. Although these days, with me as the motor, all my bikes are slow bikes.

Maybe it was that harsh clear winter light (Spring has not yet sprung around here) but textures seemed to pop out at me from everywhere and I couldn't resist trying to capture them. Luckily it was bright enough to shoot the CMS at ISO 12. At that speed, this film seems to excell at capturing every nuance of the light and the surfaces it's bouncing off. The super sharp Voigtlander doesn't hurt either. On this ride the Voigtlander was on my trusty old Leica Ic (focus, schmocus) and this roll was developed in the only developer I've ever used with CMS, Adotech IV. I will try developing CMS in Kompostiniol soon.

My only complaint is the Schmutz that appears on many frames. I thought I had gotten pretty good at finger squee-geeing, but I guess not good enough. Someone, sorry I can't remember who, recommended Pec-Pads as squee-gees. I'm about to order some.