Evening Maple

A lumen exposure of our lone maple


sonny rosenberg

10/29/20231 min read

I'm always surprised when lumen exposures come out with naturalistic colors, in my experience, the color palettes have often been seemingly random and more influenced by paper choice than the colors of the subjects depicted.

This was taken with my large format (11x11cm) Cadobo XL, my only lumen camera with a glass lens, in this case a headlight lens. It's far and away my most hi-fi lumen camera.

At one point we had a beautiful pair of old Silver Maples out front, but the city decided this tree's sister had to go, so they sawed it down and turned it into wood chips on the spot. I believe they were in error and the arborist that made decision in spite of our protests, had rocks in his head. Even though our lone maple is now thriving (after several years of seemingly being in shock), in my imagination, it's lonely.

In any case, I thought I might document the arrival of Fall and Winter with the occasional lumen exposure of it.

I think I may have solved the problem of my lumen cameras fogging in the cold weather. I soaked the paper for this 2 hour exposure in cold instead of hot water and didn't notice any water vapor on the lens despite the cool temperatures.

I wonder if the cool water and ambient temp had an influence on this seemingly naturalistic color palette? Maybe future exposures will tell.

This shot was taken on expired Kodak IV paper.